Retro Brands is a design-driven travel brand that produces quality products with an eye for detail. Our goal is to create timeless products that keep up with your lifestyle.

Founded in 2019 by Brandon Carter, Retro Brands adopted the name from his love of retros sneakers and is inspired by his love of traveling.

Retro Brands is based in Atlanta, Georgia and the design and influence are carried through all the products we design.


We create multi-functional products that can adapt and withstand your active lifestyle. We understand the need for lasting products and focus on creating bags and accessories that can transition seamlessly from one activity to another. We design pieces that have classic, sleek forms that will stand the test of time and keep you organized and productive.


In 2018, Brandon Carter, founder and designer of The Retro Brands Collection, was hauling his sneakers and fitness gear from work to the gym. When he traveled, he wanted something that organized his belongings better. That’s when he realized the need for a functional, yet stylish, lifestyle bag – one that could hold his sneakers, fitness accessories, and work essentials.

Brandon was frustrated with his limited options. It seemed that he would have to choose. between functional AKA the “cargo pants of gym bags” or impractical yet stylish. With his passion for design and creativity, Brandon went to work on designing a luxe travel bag that had the sleek looks of a weekender, but the durability and functionality of a gear-heavy fitness equipment bag.


In 2020, Brandon plans to create the Retro Backpack & School Supplies Drive: a day of fun events geared towards supplying neighborhood children with school supplies as well as building a community of support.

For the program, we plan to partner with the local community to provide haircuts, workshops, educational program information, shoe drives and much more in addition to pencils and paper.

Brandon feels compelled to give back because he needed school supplies, clothes, and shoes as a child. His mother was a single parent that didn’t make enough to supply him with all he needed, however, she earned more than the requirements for assistance programs. Through his experiences, he can relate to what a lot of parents and children are going through in the city of Atlanta, and wants to help ease that burden. The Retro Backpack & School Supplies Drive will provide bags and supplies to the children in need. More information to come…

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